Kings Court Subdivision
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- Website Last Updated On: 1/1/2017 

Sold Lot #9 of the Hendricks Kings Court Subdivision has been sold.   All lots are priced the same, the advantage goes to the first people to commit to a lot for only $500.00.  Please call David Blees at city hall if your are interested.

8 Lots remain available and some really good incentives are available today!


 - Updated On: 1/15/2014

Work has been moving forward on the proposed housing subdivision to be located on the vacant land west of Chavis Drive.

Working together with the City Council, several recent steps have been taken by the Hendricks Economic Development Authority (EDA) and its subdivision committee, all towards creating new residential lots for the construction of single-family houses:

1.   Surveying and platting of the property is complete.  The layout will provide 10 lots, most of which will have a frontage width of 94 feet and a lot depth of 176 feet.  Two lots will be somewhat larger.  This plat has been approved by the EDA and forwarded to the City Council.

2.   A set of protective deed covenants has been developed.  These covenants will assure that good quality houses are constructed and that the rights of neighboring lot owners are respected.

 3.   Preliminary cost estimates for water, sewer, and street improvements have been obtained and included in a draft budget for the project.

4.   A “Letter of Intent” has been prepared, which will allow genuinely interested buyers to reserve a lot in advance of signing a purchase agreement.

5.   The price of a lot has been set at $34,000.  However, benefits from a new Tax Increment Financing (TIF) district and other sources may allow for a financial incentive of not less than a $13,000 offset from the purchase price.

 By developing this subdivision, more options can become available in Hendricks for families who want to build new houses, thereby growing the community and broadening the property tax base.

Everyone is reminded that if they know of someone who may be interested in building a new house in Hendricks, now is the time to start calling City Hall at 275-3192. 

Available Kings Court Subdivision Documents
Document Name Date Posted Link
Covenants 01/15/2014
Letter of Intent 01/15/2014
Step by step instructions 01/15/2014
Engineer Plot 01/15/2014
2014 Flyer 3/19/2014
2014 Poster 3/19/2014
2014 Table Tents 3/19/2014


Check back soon for more information on incentives currently being explored.

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The subdivision plat, protective covenants, and Letter of Intent can all be reviewed at City Hall.